Thursday, 3 September 2009


This week we picked just over 4lbs of blackberries, with the promise that we'll pick nearly as many again for jam!

Here they are washed and crushed in my fermenting bin.

To this I added washed and chopped raisins and two mashed bananas, some yeast and hot water to ferment on the pulp for 4 days.

Meanwhile, I did the same thing with 2lbs of elderberries.

The elderberries were mashed and simmered with two bananas and some raisins then strained and added to 2lbs of sugar and some yeast. They will bubble for a week or so in the airing cupboard, by which time the blackberry will need to go in the demijohns and also go in the airing cupboard.

Tomorrow I'll start the apple wine and then the pulp from this plus the pulp from the other fruits will go in together to make a rose. Now that's really recycling!


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Love your new place!!! Congratulations! I'll update my blog roll!

Yarrow said...

Glad you found me, Pamela :)

Bovey Belle said...

Our blackberries are going over here and I am reduced to picking ones I would normally ignore and be very sniffy about. I will put it down to the rain.

I normally fill my demijohns up to the shoulder - more wine that way!

Tammie Lee said...

yum, I look forward to doing this some day. This year I made Rosolio for the first time. It has wild rose petals and a vanilla bean. So delicious! Meant to be sipped in a thimble~