Sunday, 20 September 2009

A great weekend.

This weekend has been one of the best, definitely one to remember. Friday night started with our usual homemad pizza, a bottle of red wine and one of the best movies we've seen in a while, 'O Brother Where Art Thou'. What made it more special was that the whole family loved it.

Saturday was all the more special because we had a visit from the Post Van bringing lovely gifts for me :)

'The Brides Farewell' was mentioned by the wonderful Jackie Morris and so I decided to treat myself, as I've not had many new novels in a while. It's either charity shop or library for me at the moment. I'm going to save this one for a cold and stormy night, go to bed early with a hot drink and a night cap and pull the duvet high around my ears and get lost in a story. Bliss.

I saved opening the box for last, thinking that it was some paper I'd ordered, but I was wrong.

Next came these delightful ACEO's, a bookmark, card and keyring from the wonderfully talented Julia Guthrie, do check out her blog and website, her artwork is amazing. Thank you so much Julia for pulling my name out of the hat in your giveaway :)

Finally I turned to the box of paper, but no, it wasn't paper at all, but this utterly fantastic bag from Kim at Brigantia Designs. I was so taken with the amazing stitchery and quality of the fabric. This bag is far better than any you could buy in the shops and well worth it's price, which, by the way is very reasonable. So, here was my dilema, I'd bought the bag for my Mother in Law, who has incredible good taste in fashion and who would love this bag, if only I could bring myself to give it to her. Will you all think me terribly selfish when I say that I have bought another for my Mother in Law (also from Kim) and plan to keep this one? I feel slightly guilty, until I pick the bag up and then I simply can't put it down!!! I never thought myself to be such a material girl (pardon the pun)! I'll show you the other bag when it arrives, but in the meantime, please do go and look at Kim's bags, they are delicious in the extreme!

Today is just a quiet day, pottering and cooking and in a bit we may take the bikes out to blow away any lazy day cobwebs :)

I hope you all had great weekends :)


Bovey Belle said...

What delightful gifts - it's lovely having snail mail parcels isn't it?! Your weekend was better than mine as we did boot sales back to back and had hassle with rude buyers - I could have clocked a couple of them with a fence post! So we felt we had earned a bottle of wine LAST night : )

Yarrow said...

That's a shame Jennie, I hope you did well though! I need to do one soon, clear out the clutter ;)

Bovey Belle said...

Well, they will pay for the groceries this week, put it that way. I'm posting some of my favourite recipes on my blog this week - you asked for them I seem to remember.

Kim said...

Thank you so much for the mention, the other one is winging its way to you! I'm really glad that you liked it - I get that 'material' buzz about pretty much all of the fabric I have. Addict!
Kim xx
P.S. - What's the book about?

Julia Guthrie said...

Oh fab! That all sounds so lovely. And that bag is indeed gorgeous!! I think I would have had to keep it myself..haha.
And I have found that buying handmade (bags espeically), means the quality is amazing! So much better than in the shops. I recently got a bag & purse from (my buddy Nicola from Etsy/Misi) & found myself pointing out to anyone who'd listen the amazing quality of how the zip had been put in! LOL