Thursday, 3 September 2009

Take some left overs...

I do love to recycle. It's no secret, and if something good can be made from something past it's prime, then that's even better. I so totally love my sewing machine. I've waited so many years for a good one and although this isn't the best my any means, it sure does the job for me.

So, roll out one very cherished Summer dress and an old pair of jeans.

Take one leg of the jeans, split down the middle and tidy up the sides and bottom. Cut best bits from the dress and make an all purpose apron. Then try hard to prise daughter from it at bedtime! She loves this so much, that I feel bold enough to have a go at a dress that goes all the way around!

For me, take the other jeans leg, split open and trim with left overs from the fabric stash. In this case, some quilting scraps and the trim from an old duvet cover, then beat hubby when he laughs! If it saves me from bleach and berry juice, then that's the job covered.

Now, wearing lovely apron, take all left over fruit, including free plums from the tree near the field and simmer in a sugary syrup. Tuck neatly into a pastry case and bake until the smell is overwhelming. Devour with custard or ice cream :)


Gemma Mortlock said...

how wonderful is that! you are clever Kim and have obvious fashion sense :) she looks so sweet in her little dress :D

Could you possibly email me your home address and email address to forward onto Pat from Pat Reese Design, as she is setting up all the relevant information for our moleskin exchange project and she wants to email you the details and put your address on the list so we know where to send the books too.
Hope you are well?
Sending hugs
Gem xxx

Yarrow said...

Will do Gem :)

Kim x

ruthie said...

Kim, lovely dress! I love to make new things from old ! Not so long ago i blogged about a new apron i made form one of mr o's old shirts ( it was the one he was wearing on one of the first times we ever met, & i so didn't want to throw it out, and now i have lovely memories every time i wear my apron) It feels great, and i hate throwing anything out!

Yarrow said...

It's a good feeling, isn't it Ruthie :)

Bovey Belle said...

My, you HAVE been busy - and what lovely things you've made too. I have just had the ultimate compliment from G, who has asked if I will knit HER a hat please . . . (I've been knitting Christmas present hats these past couple of weeks). Blimey! I AM honoured.