Monday, 24 October 2011

Closing down.

I was going to try and juggle the two blogs together, but looking back over my last posts of 2010 and early 2011, I realise that I don't want to and it's too painful to read. In time, I may even shut the blog down permanently. I'm moving forward now and will just be posting from the Studio, which is pretty much what I've done all year anyway.

Thank you to dear friends who still occasionly drop in to visit, but that's it for now from this blog.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Feeling good.

Since my last, truly miserable post, I have to tell you that life has taken an up-turn. The Easter holidays have been so wonderfully happy and relaxed that it's hard to feel low. Our house has been filled with laughter as we cast aside our watches and meandered through the days going where our will has led us. Old friendships have been renewed for my children and it's been so good to see them laughing and happy as a parade of their friends treated this house like a Hotel :D
I've also been creating magic in the kitchen. These hob nobs were a thank you payment to my lovely son for helping me to glaze our greenhouse.

It was a long and tricky job, but now it's finished and I can grow to my hearts content. I've put a new raised bed in front of the greenhouse and although I won't be able to grow as much as I did at the field, at least we can provide fresh food for the Summer months and maybe even grow a little purple sprouting brocolli, which is my absolute favourite.

Also, dandelion wine is happening :D The recipe is on the Studio blog .

Two new household additions have livened things up a bit too. This is Cottonmouth (a character from Kill Bill), my Son's little kitty. She's pretty feisty and has taken a shine to Manchee who she's stretched out with here.

And this is Piper who is shared between myself and the Moomin . We share most of the same pets, especially when it's time to clean them out, that's when they're mine! Piper is a lot quieter than Cotton, but she's a schemer and pulls some of the funniest faces that we really believe she's plotting World domination :D

By no means least, Manchee has grown into a very handsome doglet. Still not quite an adult but far less of a puppy now.

Moomin and I at the beach with son and friends, who were behind the camera :D

Sunday, 3 April 2011

For now.

For the time being, I'll be concentrating my efforts on the Studio Blog. The main reasons for this are simple. My life is quite sucky at the moment and I don't really want to bring you all down with it, plus focusing on my art is the thing that's dragging me through the days. I don't know how long this time of limbo will last, so I'm looking ahead to the Fairs and Shows that are booked for this year. I so hope that I can start to bring in some financial benefits as my children depend on me to make a safe and happy home for them.
I have another job to apply for and I'm still hoping to one day return to my lovely school. So I'm staying positive and using my days well.

Thank you for still visiting me and I hope you'll drop by the Studio and say hi. Hugs to you all.x

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thank you.

I've noticed that despite my lack of posts, my number counter has still been turning regularly.

Thank you to you dear people who still pop in to see if I've anything to say. The words seem to have dried up and I want to have positive things to say when in fact I feel like curling into a ball.

However, I do feel a change coming and maybe have grown a little over the last weeks. I hope so and I have a few challenging projects to deal with which I'll share here with you.

I have some lovely furniture to restore and I'm enjoying a bit of armchair gardening, which is largely about planning the garden for the next few months.

The Studio is still ticking along, but work there will pick up pace so that I can attend the Spring and Summer Fairs to increase my business. I had been thinking of getting a campervan but the prices are just out of my league at the moment, so in the meantime, the car will ferry my work around and I'll have to make do with a tent, haha! It would be wonderful if I could hitch a Vardo to Toffee, but sadly I think he's a little small. It's a lovely image though and maybe I should add him to this sketch I made last year of a couple of traditional vardos :D