Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Just a few words to let you all know that my network is infected with a virus and I can't be online for a week or so. Sorry that I've not been able to visit and wish you a Merry Christmas on your blogs, but I am thinking of you all.

I'm at the library typing this, thanking the wonders of this public service :D

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Happy Christmas Everyone :D

Merry Christmas to you all and a New Year filled with hope and prosperity :D

It's hard to be cross with the weather for long when it presents you with such specactular images. Getting to and from the field has been exhausting to say the least, but I've become adept at steering the car on icy roads and have gotten the hang of it all now, from all the extra layers of clothes to taking a hot flask, a shovel and a bucket of grit wherever I go!

The ponies are happier with the cold weather rather than relentless rain, that just drags us all down! This picture was taken after I'd decided Toffee needed to see the vet. He doesn't look too ill, does he? But what you can't see is that he'd been injured in his boy bits by an over rowdy game with Merlin, EEEK!!! I was given anti inflamitories and anti biotic sachets and yet another scary vet bill! Just as well we had the drugs though as the injury got a lot worse before it got better! He's fine now thankfully (if a little/lot overweight!)

This weather suits Merlin very well, or is it just the hot mashes that I make that he enjoys?

He's such a funny bunny and many people find it hard to believe that he's a stallion as he's just so mellow (although Toffee may have something to say on that score!).

I could watch him all day running around, having fun. He'd rather run and play than stand and eat which I think is due to his overactive mind and of course his extra hormones!

So the snow has given us our white Christmas and more conversation topics than normal. It's inconvenient, cold, dangerous and so magically marvellous that I still love it totally :D Plus it probably made Santa feel quite at home ;)

Saturday, 4 December 2010


At first there was just a light dusting of snow. It was fun and we all had a great time. Manchee rolled and played and ate it as it fell :D

In the garden he thought the floaty stuff was a new game, but at first he just confused.

Foolishly I took a scenic route to the field and had to drive along ungritted roads, muttering and praying under my breath. The views really were spectacular though.

This one is early morning light through air heavy with snow.

And then, when the season is at it's coldest, I go and have all my hair cut off. Well, I'll be wearing lots of hats anyway, so the only time I notice is first thing in the morning, when a hat may look a little odd :D

After the first day of snow, more quickly followed and we've been snowed in for 3days. I have lots more pictures to upload and will probably do a couple of posts on the Studio blog.