Sunday, 13 September 2009

Another busy weekend spent between the field and kitchen for me, so after an hours worth of picking, I spent another couple shelling these wonderful beans. I'm so pleased with them and as they dry, the red stripe gets darker. Aren't they pretty :)

If you only grow one thing next year, then maybe it should be this. I cooked the Graziella pumpkin last night, well most of it, and it's such a heavenly scented pumpkin, and with a depth of flavour that few shop bought pumpkins have.

Here is the soup before it was whizzed in the blender, but unfortunately I didn't take a snap of the curry or roasted portion. There was a lot to deal with and there's still a chunk in the fridge for a sweet pie.

I've been saving seed from the pumpkins and corgettes, so I may have enough to give away if people are interested. Leave me a message and I'll count up what I've got. I do have two other pumpkins growing, so there should be enough of those.

Today, it's back to the Studio, after a quick flurry of housework.

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