Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Days full of work.

My days have truly been full since my last post. I've been picking blackberries by the bucketful only to find the bushes full again just a few days later. I have 4lbs waiting to ferment into wine plus two small tubs in the freezer for puddings. The next lot I pick will be for bramble and apple jelly. We only have one jar left and my son is beginning to panic :) This has been a truly wonderful year for fruits which makes up for last years paltry offering. I even have a decent amount of sloes, which of course will become sloe gin. The Haw berries are good again, so I hope that I'll finally get around to making some haw jelly, so long as I can find the original recipe that spurred me into starting a blog nearly two years ago. I wonder if this new one will last two years, or more!

The Exhibition is well under way and the party was a great success. I've been complimented on the layout, but haven't done very well with selling my work. Ah well, I can't have it all ways.

I also decided, for some unknown reason, that this was going to be the week that I started riding Merlin! Suffice to say I'm quite battered and bruised. Before you go thinking that I need my head seeing to, I have to point out that most of my injuries have been because Merlin is quite little and therefore, there isn't a lot of him to balance on! He wriggled and squirmed so much yesterday, when I first lay across him, that I crunched a few ribs just trying to stay in place. It was like bouncing on a boney power ball. I did however sit astride him for a few moments before getting off and giving him a hug and a treat. Today was a bit different and a couple of bucks had me quickly on the floor! He's not a malicious pony, but he knows what he will and won't put up with. My only conclussion is that I'm too old for this malarky!

And then, along came this book. A wonderful little charity shop find for £1.25. It's a gem and I'm loving it. It's a little like desperate housewives in the 50's. Not an action packed story, but it's got me gripped. My taste does cover a huge variety of books, and I suppose that's a bonus of buying from charity shops, as I'll try something that might not normally appeal to me.

I hope you are all having a good week so far, I'll be back soon with some harvest pictures and my adventures with a sewing machine!


Bovey Belle said...

What a little ratbag he is! I must confess to never having had any trouble backing any of mine. The trouble is usually about 6 months down the line when they are getting riding fit and developing an imagination out on hacks!

Good luck with the jam making. Our brambles are very poor this year because of the wet summer we have had - they promised all, but have been rotting on the briar. I have been reduced to picking them even when it IS raining, or I wouldn't have any at all to freeze.

Yarrow said...

Oh that's a shame about the berries. I'll have to save you a bottle of the wine :)

I don't think any of us expected Merlin to be a total breeze! I think I am too heavy for him and he's scared of being crushed to death ;)

Danielle Barlow said...

Good luck with Merlin!
I got dumped by Red yesterday, due to a stag leaping out of the bracken in front of us. Red spun round in fright, and I was determined not to let go of my daughter, on the lead rein on 4 year old pony. Needless to say, I landed on my shoulder on the floor, still holding Red in one hand and Marley in the other. Now feeling rather battered and bruised, and too old to do that often!

Yarrow said...

That sounds a lot more exciting (and alarming) than my connection with the ground! I hope you feel better soon.


MrsL said...

Hope you enjoy the book - I loved it!



Yarrow said...

Aha! Great minds Sarah :)

Kim said...

Thank you Kim, it worked a treat when I clicked on the pic! I was walking along a dirt road next to a farm once and a HUGE hog stood up out of the mud and made a sound only a HUGE hog could make and Cajun (my horse) about sat down and then took 3 steps walking and then lit out of there like a rocket! I didn't fall (THAT time) but it took me hours to get all the mud out of his long gorgeous tail! C'est la vie! We do love our darlings, don't we!

Yarrow said...

I had a similar experience with Oliver and a pig! I was laughing too much to control him!