Friday, 11 September 2009

Things this week.

I so love calendula, and this is the first year I've grown them. Aren't they beautiful?

I've been making more wine this week and poor son's bedroom smells like a brewery, as he has the airing cupboard which is the best place for a steady fermentation. Yummy :) Today I strained the blackberry wine and used some cooked apples and strained elderberries from last weeks wine to make a rose. Next batch will be apple wine and then, while they are still quite cheap, I'll make some parsnip wine. This was a stonking great wine when I made it before and is well worth the wait.

Also this week I've been getting down to more painting. I wish that was all I had to do, but normal life goes on and so I've been rushing to fit it all in. Sometime tonight, I need to make a batch of bramble jelly and as it's Friday, it's pizza night, so I have to get the dough for that made.

I also want to make some pumpkin soup this weekend. I'm delighted my Graziella pumpkins have grown, as they have the most wonderful sweet and fragrant flavour. This, little courgette is the size I should have been picking all along, rather than leaving them to grow so enormous, but I was confused and thought they were the pumpkins, doh!


Danielle Barlow said...

I love calendula too ( even though I generally hate anything orange - pot marigolds and pumpkins are the exception!)
Happy preserving! I haven't had time to tackle wine this year, but it feels like jam is coming out of my ears. My mother gave me a large crate of damsons tonight. A small, wimpish part of me is thinking - shall I just put them in the freezer and deal with them another time?

Yarrow said...

Yes, do them another time :) Now is the time to paint!