Tuesday, 15 September 2009

The time between times.

When it's neither light or dark, night or day. A magical moment when night and day are equal and the veils between the World's are thin. Anything is possible as Faeries and Sprites, Spirits and Ghosts enjoy their moment of strength and mortals should beware of the beautiful spells they weave.
Spells that sink into your dawning wakefulness and lure you from your bed to stand in the garden and gaze at the faery rings or to listen to the secret rustlings beneath the hedge. Do not dare to step barefoot onto the lawn and wash your face in the cold dew, dreaming of everlasting beauty. Faery glamour is just a game and they love to trick us.
And at the day's close, when the night lures the sun into it's shadows, beware of following that sun into the twilight as the Fey beings once again slip into our World. They hold sway at both ends of the day, the Time between times when the brightest thing abroad is our glowing Soul and it draws them like a lantern, like a beacon in the gloaming.
For poets and artists, inspiration arrives with the brush of a Faery's wing. Writer's hear the whisperings of the spirits and common mortals do well to stay in bed, safe beneath the duvet, safe from temptation. For Faery gifts are never given freely and come at a price we may not wish to pay.


Julia Guthrie said...

Hi, just wanted to stop by & say thank you for commenting on my blog recently & I am now followng you as yours looks like just my cup of tea (veg plots & food posts...haha)!

You will also be happy to know (I hope) that you won my blog giveaway & I shall put together some bits & bobs for you(which shall definately include ladies in red dresses *winks*), if you would like to have a reading done with my 'Triple Goddess' tarot deck I shall be more than grateful for the opporunity to practise on someone I don't know :)

So if you could email me at jewelz_star@hotmail.com with your address I would be most grateful. And if you have a specific query for your reading please include that.
Thanks again, I shall announce you as the winner on my blog very shortly :)
Julia xxx

Yarrow said...

Oh, my goodness! I'm speechless! Thank you :)

Kim said...

What a lovely post - and very apt, too; I am just reading 'Enchantment of the Faerie realm' and am very much in that frame of mind!
Kim xx

Yarrow said...

Sounds interesting, Kim, but I mustn't visit Amazon again!!!


Bovey Belle said...

I have just been sat here in that interlacing between night and day, so this was very apt. Now day has won, but it is a seagull-grey and gloomy sky . . .