Thursday, 17 September 2009

Art adventures.

As the days grow colder, my time in the Studio is limited, but thankfully it was a lovely day today and I was actually quite hot out there.

On the table today. A page of scribbles and rough ideas plus the beginning of the tree picture. I'm loving my new approach to painting at the moment. I have no idea of what I'm going to paint, I just sit and look at the colours and see which doodles would be most appropriate and then begin the experiment. This is sooo liberating for me, as I usually sit and fuss and fiddle with the tiniest details on some pretty complicated paintings.

This picture started off as just some random washes. I added the stones, but it needed so much more.

It's getting there, but I'm sure I'll add more details before it's finished.

This is by far my favourite as the ghost in the sky appeared all by itself and just lent itself completely to a spooky Halloween picture.

In this watery wash, I can just make out a little house, can you see it? I'm thinking of a house on a lake or loch!

These little pictures are actually 2.5 x 3.5 inches and will be the first ACEOs to go for sale. This is a great way to play with paint, but I've got some serious pictures to get back to, but all in good time!

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Bovey Belle said...

This looks like great fun, and you never know what will emerge, idea-wise. That last one suggests a little cottage where there is a peaked-roof effect . . . as you thought yourself. Scary sky too! I am a bit pre-Raphaelite when I draw and have intense detail . . .