Saturday, 5 September 2009

This year.

I've been prompted to write this after reading something on Gem's blog. Where has this year gone?

It really only seems like yesterday that I stood at the field planning where all my new seeds and vegetables should go and feeling frankly daunted by the task. Now I'm rushing to bring the harvest in before the first frost and planning gifts to make for Christmas! And no, it's not too early to think like this, if like me you make your own gifts, unless you want to be sat up on Christmas eve crying into your sewing box (which did happen one year!).

On the whole it's been a very good year. It's been another year of learning, some lessons harder than others, but to learn is to grow and I feel like I've grown in many ways. I've had an extra 5months with my darling cat, Max, but like the year, I feel that our time together is drawing to it's close. He's struggling now and I don't think the cold, damp weather is helping :( But for now, he's snuggled against my leg purring, so I'm still grateful.

The Exhibition is over for another year, I sold 3 things in the end, so I'm very happy that my new direction has been well recieved and I've been asked to be an organiser again next year, so that's a respectable result :)

The children are back at school, so a new year for them and I'm frantically re-stocking our preserve cupboard against the coming Winter.

The next jobs are Winter cleaning, the opposite of Spring cleaning. Sorting out the gutterings (we have grass growing in one!), making sure the window frames are in good repair, treating the hen and rabbit houses and generally having a good clear up. This way, when the rains are hammering and the winds howling, we can sit safely tucked up inside and not have too many worries. The field brings it's own list of jobs to get sorted before the weather changes. Oh, that's tomorrow then!!!

What have you been doing this year, and has it passed as quickly for you as it has for me?


Anonymous said...

Yes the older you get the faster the years go :-(

Yarrow said...

Nooooo! I fear that is true though!

Bovey Belle said...

Ahem. We too have grass growing in our guttering. Only trouble is, it's 3 1/2 floors up and so it's got to stay there!

Kim said...

I thought it was just me, thinking that they year had flown. This year has been so busy with so many different things, maybe that's why - I can't believe it is only 2 weeks to the autumn equinox! I'm really sorry about Max, it is such a hard thing to deal with, but I am so glad that you have had this extra time together.
Kim xx

ICQB said...

Your image of sitting safely tucked up inside a house in good repair while the winds and rains hammer away outside is very cozy. And with a larder full of things you've worked hard to put away.

I'm impressed and inspired. And I agree, you can never start too early when you're making your own gifts.

Leanne said...

the year has flown for me too, its 6 months now since i started my new job, most of this years crops have been harvested and processed, my son returned to uni yesterday (not a good day for me understandably!)
the coming equinox summons in the dark months, and i too am preparing...

Leanne x

Danielle Barlow said...

Oh Goodness, I am frantically making daily lists of all the chores I have to do before winter. It's the only way I can get anything done!

ruthie said...

where did it go indeed! i cant believe it, i am sitting back this last week or so and taking stock of things as i feel the year rushed by too fast, so much has changed, all for the better, but oh so quickly. I am looking forward too, to those cosy by the fire, evenings. now off to collect my own blackberries, yum *ruthie*