Monday, 22 March 2010

Two in one day?

Yes, it's true, two posts in one day. I guess I'm getting over my block then :)

I just had to tell you this as I'm really pleased. We took the ponies out for a walk again today, and I decided that Toffee is probably fit enough now to start carrying me again. I've gained a little weight and he's had a sore back in the past, which is why we've been walking so much. Today he was like a skittish lamb and barely seemed to notice me, although I did leave the saddle off as that can be a bit heavy for him along with my weight compared to the Moomins slight frame.

Both ponies flew along as Hubby jogged beside Merlin and I did my best Gypsy impression on Toffee, which is like a sack of spuds and not traditional English riding, all uptight and neat! Toffee hopped onto the verge to save his feet and before I knew it we were doing a beautiful, rolling canter. My first ever bareback. I'm still on a high now, even after a sit down and a cup of tea :)

When I get back, I'll post the recipe for treacle sponge pudding, just for Julia :)

Edited to add: I'll get to the recipe as soon as possible. I've been busy with a very sick hen :(


Pat said...

Hi, I had to stop for a moment and comment on how wonderful it is to read your family activities, the animals and the gardening. All the things I am doing except on a smaller scale. A way smaller scale! I love spring....

Yarrow said...

I love Spring too Pat :)