Monday, 15 March 2010


I had a rare quiet day today. Moomin was poorly and I didn't feel so great either so we spent a relaxed time making art. I had a few things to catch up on, including my Eriskay pony painting, which is over on the studio blog. I finished a few bookmarks and made some lovely (well I think so) crystal necklaces.

I had help from my dear old cat, Arnie, while my even older cat Max kept an eye on the fire all day.

I prepared a couple of pieces of wood and a canvas, and it was blue, all blue!

We curled up on the sofa with my sketchbook and The Labrynth on the DVD. I sketched a few owls and then for fun, some badgers, but strangely, no goblins today!

Finally, just one of the necklaces, a gorgeous banded blue tigers eye, with a perfect little eye at the tip, which is pretty rare. This will go in the Etsy shop, but the price is eluding me, as it's worth a lot due to the rarety of the eye in it, but I'd rather sell it than keep it, as I already have one of my own ;)


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

You're so talented! And I love your beautiful companion :)

Yarrow said...

Thanks Elizabeth and Arnold would blush, but he's far too aloof! He reminds me a little of bagpuss, a little baggy at the seams..... :)