Monday, 22 March 2010


I'm feeling Springy today :)

I spent a good hour yesterday digging over one of the vegetable beds at the field, which explains those mysterious aches in my arms, and then we took the ponies for a loooong ramble in the woods.

I think this is one of Merlin's favourite walks. There are lots of horses in the field below that he can shout at and show off to and then this steep but exciting track up through the trees.

It's such a magical place here. So still and silent, removed from the real World by tall elegrant trees and thick undergrowth, gnarly roots and more than a few faeries.

Toffee found the stoney path a struggle, but he'd follow the moomin wherever she went.

It was late when we got home, but our roast dinner was cooked to a sticky, delicious melt in the mouth crumble and as if I didn't need the extra calories, I topped it off with a home made treacle sponge pudding, yuuuummmyyy :)


Bovey Belle said...

We have so little off-road riding round here - lovely to see you all taking to the woods. I bet the ponies enjoyed it too.

Fairysteps said...

It sounded perfect!! Ren x

Danielle Barlow said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! Treacle pudding sounds lovely it's on my banned list at the moment :( Still, I reckon you all deserve it for walking up that steep hill!

Julia Kelly said...

Ok- I love the pictures and if I was there I would love to take a walk with the ponies-but it also gives me a chuckle- just thinking what the cowboys around here-would think of "walking a horse!"
Am also very curious what was in your roast dinner and what is a treacle sponge?

Yarrow said...

Julia, we get strange looks here too :) The dinner was a leg of lamb with mixed roasted veggies, all thrown in together.

Danielle, I should have passed on the treacle too!

Thanks for dropping in, Ren :)

BB, the boys did love it, and we will all get fit quick this way!!!