Saturday, 20 March 2010


In the last few months, I feel like I've been so caught up with distractions from the school and fitting in my new routine that I've begun to lose the essence of who I really am. Now, with the Spring Equinox upon us, I feel the need to reconnect with my beliefs and myself.

Ostara is celebrated at the Spring equinox, it's a time of balance, when day and night are of equal length, when Winter is losing it's grip on the World. Spring is waiting patiently to delight us with green shoots and the promise of her bounty. Very soon it will be time to pick nettles and indulge in nettle soup season, one of my favourites. Around the same time, the asparagus will be coming up and we'll be eating fresh greens from the garden.

Despite the heavy rain yesterday, we managed to have a great time. Firstly indulging in a little couch potatoism and then some unenthusiastic housework!

The afternoon found us visiting with some lovely friends who's daughter played the harp as we sat drinking coffee. I didn't want her to stop, the music was so delightful. We then went to see one of their ponies who was in need of a Reiki treatment. He was a joy to treat and I had a very pleasant time with him. The afternoon whooshed by and then it was home for a dinner of sausages.

I hope you all had a lovely day and can feel the approach of Spring wherever you live in the World.

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