Thursday, 4 March 2010

Treats and eats!

I managed to get some baking done at the weekend, and used my favourite and best flour from our local mill. When I say local, I mean about 15miles away, but actually, these days that's pretty good. It's quite a heavy, wholemeal flour and I usually mix it with some Allinson's, which isn't at all local, but if I use it straight, then it tends to produce a loaf with the density of a housebrick.

The bread was delicious, burning our fingers and mouths with our eagerness.

A little home made jam and a pot of tea made it the ultimate comfort food.

Later, a visit from some lovely neighbours bearing gifts of French chocolate, wine and

a large sack of 5 cereal bread flour. They are such kind and sweet neighbours, and were very grateful to us for looking after their adorable little french kitty, Mimi, whilst they were away.

I'm so looking forward to making bread with this flour that I may even do a step by step photo experience!!!

lastly, a little note to say that there are a few new cards in my Etsy shop, to celebrate Easter or Eostre or Ostara. Whatever you choose to call it is fine as it's still the beginning of Spring and lets all jump for joy.


Pixiedust said...

Yarrow, your making me hungry that all looks so delicious. xxx Pixie xxx

a mermaids purse said...

yes i agree with pixie dust i love bread!!...yummy!! especially home made fresh!- enjoy!! xxxx

Yarrow said...

It was very scrummy :)

Bovey Belle said...

Butter melting onto still-warm bread is the BEST! I use Bacheldre Mill flour when I can get it (I had been getting it by the large sackful when I was making more bread). It's a really good flour, not quite local, but not imported! I look forward to hearing what the French flour is like.