Sunday, 31 October 2010

Samhain Blessings.

Blessings to you all for a magical Samhain.

For Pagans Samhain marked the end of their year and was a time of reflection on the year past and the one to come. I feel very reflective today and will light some candles and think forward to the coming year and some new beginnings.


Simone said...

I will be lighting candles later too. I have been in a reflective mood for the past few weeks. Let us hope that we have some lovely new beginnings to look forward to.x

Julia Guthrie said...

After a rather odd day (some good, some bad), I find myself reading blogs like this, that have reminded me to just let things go & be thankful :)
So thank you!!
And I hope you are having a lovely evening xx

Pixiedust said...

Belated Samhain blessings to you too. I hope you are well, it seems an age since I chatted with you. I love the new edition what a little cutie. I was lucky enough to spend samhain in glastonbury this year and went to the chalice well, only this children's part though as sharon had to get the kids home. It was lovely but I'd have loved to have stayed for the adult ceremony. Hope you had a good samhain. Pixie xxx

Gemma Mortlock said...

Happy New Pagan Year!
and a belated Samhain, i am very jealous of your new little arrival he is gorgeous! sending hugs and love

Yarrow said...

Love and hugs to you all, dear friends.x