Saturday, 13 November 2010

Yarrow Tales.

A new blog name and a new beginning. I don't want to be hiding any more and feeling like I'm in retreat. I need to begin again and spread my wings as a new part of my journey unfolds. However, this blog will still be left off my profile for most of the time, as I don't want certain family members reading about my new life!

So won't you join me as I discover who I am and where I'm going? I think it could be interesting :D


Kadeeae said...

Here, and bringing tea and cakes for the journey :)

May it be a happy, fruitful and inspiring one!

Simone said...

I would love to share the journey with you Yarrow. I feel as though I am on one too. x

Julia Guthrie said...

And I hope it's a magical & beautiful journey :)
We all need to evolve as the chapters of our lives unfold...I hope this next chapter is a good one for you ! xxxx

Yarrow said...

Thank you lovely friends. I'm glad of your company along the way :D