Monday, 29 November 2010

Thank you.

Thank you so much sweet friends for your kind words of support. They reach out and help me more than I can say.

Our duvet day turned out better than could have been hoped for. I ignored the housework and snuggled with the pup and read blogs and books and roared with laughter at French and Saunders on You Tube. Moomin was laughing so hard at the Bjork sketch, well, so was I to be honest :D The children played games and I kept them plied with hot drinks and lemsips.

Later I took a trip to the field and fed the ponies and took warm, milky rice and crackers to the chickens who were most pleased. Standing under a beautiful wintry sky was a balm and I took the time to savour the peace. It was truly heavenly.

Back to a roast dinner and an amazing movie (above) while I did the ironing and sorted school uniforms. The movie was called Origin and is in the Manga style, about trees and the destruction of the Earth. It has a strong environmental message as many of the Japanese films of this genre do and I totally loved it. Not to everyones taste though, so don't buy it just because I love it :D

Just a little picture I took last week while walking Manchee in the woods. He truly is a blue puppy :D He's definitely on the mend now and so will need a good walking routine to get him (and me) into shape :D I love the curve of his back and belly and boy can he run, he's like a rocket!

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