Saturday, 16 October 2010

Lovely things!

My dear little Arnold loves the blue patchwork quilt. He has a little 'mote' by his eye. Some people think these are fairies caught on film and it's more than likely that Arnold has a few fairies around him :D

My gorgeous new glass topped pins in one of my home made pin cushions.

Just a couple of the things I've snapped today with my new old camera!


Simone said...

Arnold! What a lovely cat. I am not surprised that he is fond of the patchwork quilt, it looks lovely and cosy.

Yarrow said...

Thank you Simone, and little Arnold is really quite fae, you know ;)

Bovey Belle said...

I use that lovely little pin cushion you made for me every day - it decided it would jump in my glass of water recently - it could have been worse - it could have been wine - that would have been a disaaster!

Nice quilt = happy cat!!

Yarrow said...

Thanks BB, gave me quite a giggle :D