Friday, 11 June 2010

Where have I been?

Actually, no where, haha! I think I've been suffering from an extreme bout of tiredness as everything seems to be soooo hard to do, even finding words for my blog has been an effort. I have absolutely no energy at the moment and my limbs feel so heavy. I think maybe I was doing too much and trying to fit everything in has taken it's toll. Last week was spent catching up on housework and trying to finish some art work and I've not achieved much else. A few days of rest are needed, and then next week, slowly get back into my routine.

The weather change has been a blessing, as it means I can spend a little time inside and play around with some sketches and sculptures. Although, that still sounds a little like work, I know, but at least it's not hard manual labour :) I've been telling a lot of people lately to take time out and be kind to themselves, but I've not been taking my own advice! So instead of going to the market and giving myself a day of preserving to deal with, I'm just going to feed the ponies, then come home and be peaceful.

I'm going to take a leaf out of the hens book, and mooch around. Sounds like a good plan to me :)


a mermaids purse said...

moooching is very good indeedy!!!!
you must listen to your inner self and give yourself a good well needed resty-poo's ;0)xx
your art will still be there after it and for me to admire even more ;0)xx take care of yourself sweet hearted soul xx

Pat said...

Oh, you sound like you need a hug. Love the picture of the girls scratching around looking for what ever it is that chickens look for in the sand. Just the right size of grit? I'm sending you a big hug Kim.

Kim said...

Sounds like just the ticket to me. Take your own advice, relax and enjoy! And pat Merlin for me!