Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Turn and turn about.

Just lately I've had some major disappointments, mostly regarding my art and the direction I was hoping it would take. It's knocked me back, I'll be honest. But like most life lessons, I've taken what I needed to learn and have moved on. It's funny, therefore, that last week I was visited by these two beautiful creatures.

(please excuse the shocking windows!)

Moths and butterflies are symbolic of growth and change - transformation.

I've taken a little time to reflect and think about my life and how it affects those around me. My focus has therefore been on my home and family this week. On caring for those who are always there for me and who rely on me to be there for them. I've been baking and nuturing and have now found the peace I need, that we all need, to live a full life. I'm not sure how long it will last before my workaholic muse sends me chasing my tail again. But for now I'm living in the moment, mindful of each task and doing it well :)

I suppose I'm trying to say that it's good to look for yourself and your true North, but sometimes along the way it's easy to be chasing so many paths that MAY lead North - or not at all!
The Romanies have an expression which amounts to this
'A man cannot ride two ponies with just one butt'


PG said...

How funny, I have just taken photos of the same moth, (the top one) - it's a White Plume moth and I think the other one is a Burnet moth.
Time out, if you can take it, is always good. I am looking forward to mine - eventually!

Yarrow said...

Oooh, it's a sign Gretel, could even be the same moth. Obviously with long distance capacities :)

I think a rest will be so well earned by you and hopefully will recharge your batteries :)