Monday, 14 June 2010


It's a post about birds - my chickens and me, haha!

I went to visit a friend last Friday, who happens to be a breeder of rare poultry. She also breeds hybrids and knew that I'd been after a black rock for quite some time. She dangled the carrot and obediently I ran to view them. I was actually very restrained and only came away with two, despite many of the other wonderful offers she made me. One such offer was of a broody Maran who was constantly hatching any egg that was offered. The result being a brood of mixed origins who would accompany mama hen. I'm still very tempted and have a couple of weeks to make my mind up! One of the chicks is a Poland, which the Moomin is desperate to own, so I'm under pressure! She also wants to start a business hatching quail so broody hen would be useful for that too.

So I'm pleased to introduce Tiger Lilly (the black rock) and Oona (silver sussex). These are easily the fanciest and most expensive hens that I've ever owned and I love them to bits. Mabel is really put out and even gentle Lottie is being mean to the pretty girls. I hope they settle soon, cos jealousy is such an ugly emotion!

And last bird picture is of me in my fancy dress costume for School last week. The occassion was Egyptian Day and I really couldn't throw together anything suitable or even that I would want to wear. As it turned out there were at least 30 Cleopatra's in any case!
So what am I wearing? My best steampunk costume in an attempt to be Howard Carter's assistant/wife! It was a fun day and as there were two Howard Carter's I didn't feel too odd, but Moomin totally disowned me, and one child asked if I'd been riding my horse, hahaha!


Bovey Belle said...

Ah, you resisted the Polands for the time being then?! Your new girls look gorgeous. I am hoping we will have some again when we move (and OH wants some ducks again).

Yarrow said...

It wasn't difficult, BB, the Poland male was a screechy little thing! Gorgeous though, but I'd not have coped and the fox would probably have got him, just to shut him up, haha!

Bovey Belle said...

Hah! I said they were hysterical didn't I?!