Saturday, 26 June 2010


It's been a crazy, mad week with lots of laughter and a few tears too, although mostly tears of exhaustion.

As I mentioned on the Studio blog, we've been cutting hay for the ponies. I cannot describe the exhaustion I've felt in this heat and I've barely worked at all compared to hubby, who has been slaving away at it until we've cut nearly an acre. How people managed in the past is just a reflection of how soft we've all become. Mind you, they did die a lot younger than us, haha! Unfortunately, after one particularly hard morning, I pulled a muscle in my thigh which then went into spasm. Imagine a cramp that lasted 24hours. I was in tears despite some very heavy painkillers. By the next morning it was beginning to ease off, but has left me with a very stiff hip and a pain in the butt!

In between all of this, I've been preparing for the Mad Hatters Tea Party which is hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist. It's been a lot of fun and the Moomin has been a great help and does make quite a sweet 'Alice'.

I have to say though, that I'm looking forward to a quiet week of my normal routine. Most mornings I'm up at 6am to water the garden and tend my growing vegetables. It's become a very soothing start to the day and I guard those moments jealously. Sometimes I'm joined by Arnie cat or sometimes Charm, our bunny as we all revel in the coolness before the day grows hot. The vegetable plot at the field has taken a back seat this year, as I've just not had enough hours in the day to handle it. I'm simply going to lay the unnused beds down to fertiliser and give myself a head start into next year. I do have a bed filled with beans and another for my leeks, plus the raised bed has cucumbers. On top of that the muck heap has sprouted various 'visitors' in the form of potatoes and something that may be squash that has grown from composted seeds! So even on a slack year, the field plot has a half decent yield.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and here's hoping this lovely weather continues, but a little rain would be very welcome :)


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Well, all my Brit friends sound as if they're wilting in the heat! I remember my summer in Glos., the heat was humid, something I'm not used to here. Heat, yes but humidity, no. Sorry to hear of your pulled muscle, it sounds as if it were excruciating!
Also, your mention of Vanessa has me curious for a long-awaited visit again...she's always such a breath of fresh air, isn't she? Stay well and don't pull any more muscles :)

Yarrow said...

Hi Elizabeth, yes very hot here, although a little cooler today, yaay!