Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Gosh, I am so totally wiped out this evening. I've been battling with the website, and although I finally have a page that I'm happy with, I'm still dithering about the header. I've changed it four times today, and even painted a whole new one, which I don't really think I like at all. I'm trying it out on the studio blog, so any comments would be interesting ;)

This website isn't as 'simple' as it's marketed to be, especially compared to the set up on blogger. We have it so easy here!

My job is now coming to it's end and I have very mixed emotions about that. I won't miss the crushingly early mornings but I will miss the children. I'll have more time to focus on my art, but I'll have no money to buy any supplies, however, a couple of modest Etsy sales has at least put that balance in the black! See! A mixed bag for sure!!! I may have the chance to return to the school in September though, so I'm not heading for the poor house just yet :)

After the helpful post on Fairysteps about setting up an on line business (do check it out if your stuck on that treadmill and going nowhere), I've been trying harder with the pictures I've taken. So far I'm modestly pleased and very thankful for her advice.

This is an update for the giveaway, and I think the picture just looks so much better than my normal method of plonking a spotlight over my subject. I've made a Reiki infused pouch (lightly scented) and a tree of life bookmark. The print is mounted and in a protective sleeve.

Right, I must try and get some sleep now, as another early start awaits me!


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Doesn't that sum up life? A 'mixed bag'? A little positive, a little negative, once in a while balancing out so that we can exhale, haha! I love your tree of life bookmark! Well, hope you had a good rest, stay well ;)

Yarrow said...

Mixed and jumbled, I think, Elizabeth, just like most people I guess :)

Nan and =^..^= said...

Oh, I feel the same way right now!