Thursday, 20 May 2010


I can't believe it's Thursday already! Where do my days go? I've had the Moomin home sick for a couple, and I've become lost in a sculpting book that I splurged on. In the past, I've taught myself how to work out the sculptures, through trial and error. But having a book explain how to shape a head or build up a face is incredible. I suppose some of it is common sense, but I only realised that when it was pointed out on a page!

I've become besotted by the beautiful horse above. He's just so stunning to look at, but so far out of my price range that I just gaze at him over the hedge. It's also not simply a case of finding the money to buy another horse, but funding the monthly expenses. It's a no go, so I'll just have to adore him from afar!

My veggies are slowly putting in an appearance, and I'll have another post on simple living, as soon as I've taken a few pictures.

My laptop is definitely on the blink, and I couldn't connect to the net for a few days! Imagine my sheer horror at that. That's when I realise how much I rely on my lappy!

Sorry for the bitty post, but that's how I am at the moment, running from one thing to another and chasing my tail in the process!!!

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