Tuesday, 25 May 2010

More changes.

There have been a lot of changes happening at the Retreat lately. I can see some settled times ahead and actually relish having more time to myself as my contract has now come to an end. Telling the children I work with has been very hard and there have been a lot of tears, not all from them :( It's not a closed book though, and so I will wait and see what the future brings.

In the meantime, purse strings have been tightened and the store cupboard has had another overhaul. It's looking pretty healthy to be honest and as my little tomato plants are bursting into flower and the reluctant spinach has started to fill out, I believe we will not starve :) It's worth mentioning that we are not paupers, but feeding and caring for our children and animals does eat into our earnings, and so frugality goes hand in hand with the luxury of having ponies etc... Someone once commented that as I have ponies, I must be rich. I replied that if I DIDN'T have the ponies then I might be rich!

Sarah at Cottage Garden Studios
has been talking about blogging and how much you really know the people you develope a relationship with on line. I agree with her thoughts totally and often wonder why I feel the urge to share the details of my life with people I hardly know. It's something I can't answer easily, I'm afraid.

Anyhoo, as I begin to settle into a new routine, I face the future months with lots of projects to complete, things that were put on hold whilst I was at the school. Some new projects wait patiently in the wings also.


Danielle Barlow said...

Your tomatoes are bursting into flower?! Oh no, I am so behind with mine - they still need pricking out, although they are nearly six inches high :)
I agree with you about frugality and ponies going hand in hand. I expect we COULD have holidays if we didn't have ponies - but we'd rather have ponies and no holidays or new clothes ( except my husband - he'd quite like to have holidays and no ponies, but he's very good about it !)

Yarrow said...

My heritage toms are still tiny, but a couple of the cheap jumble sale plants are like monsters, which is good. I'll try and save seed from the saucey toms are they seem to be an early fruiting variety :)

My husband used to be the same as yours about the ponies, but now he's been bitten by crazy bug!!!