Monday, 3 May 2010

Gift from a friend.

I'm sorry, but again I've posted two posts the same. Not really because I'm being lazy, but this time because this deserves saying twice :)

A very few weeks ago I coveted this wonderful picture on Danielle's blog. I planned to buy it as soon as she listed it in her shop. It is of the Goddess Eostre, gently craddling a hare in her arms. I can't describe how this painting touched me, the tenderness and trust between these two creatures. Imagine the absolute joy I felt when I opened a mysterious package to find this painting inside. Thank you Danielle, I'm not sure I deserve such a gift, but thank you :)

Do go and visit Danielle for more gorgeous art than you can shake a stick at, plus beautiful horses galore :)

Other news is that after these lovely pictures were taken of our hens settling to their new life,

finding the best new dust bath in THE WORLD!
My oldest and most precious hen, Freya, (top hen in the picture below) was found sleeping forever in her nest box.

I knew she wasn't right the night before and so I sat with her whilst she slept in the sun and then I carefully put her to bed, where hubby found her the next morning. I'm glad she had some fun and seemed so happy just before flying to new fields. Bless you Freya.x


Jasmine said...

Your gift is gorgeous, I love that rabbit! Sorry to hear about your hen.

The new blog layout and header is looking good.

Tea with Willow said...

What a beautiful picture - I will check out this lady's blog for more!

So sorry to hear about Freya - but glad to hear she passed peacefully and that you were able to spend some precious time with her.

Willow x

Yarrow said...

Thank you for the kind words, ladies :)

a mermaids purse said...

awww bless to you xxxx hope your ok?
i hope that lovely painting made you smile though- wow truly special ;0)xx

Tammie said...

such an amazing surprise! I am so happy for you. I love Danielle's art too! Of course you deserve it, it is yours.

Julia Guthrie said...

You absolutely deserve a gift like that, & Danielle's work is truly beautiful! :)

Sends Freya good wishes for a safe journey home...& hugs for you & her 'nest mates'! xxxxxx