Friday, 8 January 2010

The white stuff.

Well, we still have plenty of the stuff and it's not showing any signs of going just yet!
I went back to work for just two days and although I could get to the school quite easily, none of the other staff could, so I've been home all week. In a way, it's been quite fortunate as just getting through the days has been quite a task all of it's own.

The journey to the field is lengthy and not without hazard, then it's home to prepare the food for the day. I'm being very careful with our supplies and we are eating a lot of simple foods, like homemade bread, cheese and pickles. Today I made pea and ham soup with the leftovers from last nights dinner, gammon, egg and chips. We have lots of potatoes so I made the chips in the oven, just wedges of potatoes drizzled with a little oil and baked until cooked. Sadly I had to buy the eggs, which sticks in the craw a bit, but my hens seem to be all egged out sadly and this needs to be looked at in the new year. More hens and a larger pen for the old girls to retire happily.

It's easy to eat well with only basic supplies, and those supplies can be kept in bulk, without too much forward planning. I always keep at least four bags of flour, stored in the fridge, a very large bag of pasta (5kg) and the same amount of rice. Add to this a dozen tins of tomatoes, tinned fish and beans and a well stocked freezer, plenty of dried pulses and some tins of dried milk, you have the makings of many delicious meals. Whenever foods are on special offer, I always buy plenty and put some of these in the store cupboard, so I have several jars of pasta sauce, tuna, curry sauce and coffee. There are other blogs covering this subject in greater detail, so check them out and find the system that suits you best.

Don't be fooled by how cute the Moomin looks, she throws a mean snowball.

This is the lane as clear as it's going to get. The roads in our village are all brown and mushy with all the salt and grit making travelling a lot easier.

Our footprints are at least 8inches deep, and it makes your legs ache wading through the heavy, crunchy snow. The Moomin pushed me over in it today and to the right of this picture is a big hole where my butt landed and got stuck!

I love the ripples in the snow here, there was quite a strong wind last night and frost faeries tap, tapped at our windows.

The Apple Tree Man, the guardian of our field.

My favourite picture of our field, so far.


Kim said...

Oh Kim, that last photo is so beautiful! We got just a dusting of snow last night, just enough to make it look pretty outside, maybe 2 inches. Can you believe all the snow from Christmas week is gone except the huge piles, the mountains. They are now only hills! Stay warm (and don't let the Moomin get ya!).

Morning's Minion said...

Your pantry stocking sounds like mine--I think its a way of life. We are very close to town here, so not likely more than a day would go by when we couldn't get out. Plenty of days that I wouldn't drive other than an emergency, but very little daunts my husband.
Our dear old horse lives in the pasture beside the house, but I can imagine that for those who keep an animal at any distance the weather could be a real worry.

Renee said...

I never get sick of snow Yarrow, well maybe in the spring when it is just too dirty.

Stay warm.

Love Renee xoxo

Rowan said...

A beautiful photo of your field. We're all in the same boat I think, surrounded by snow and more to come I gather. There's nothing like a big pan of homemade soup in this weather.

Tea with Willow said...

So many beautiful photos on the blogs I read at the moment! The last photo of the field is just breathtaking .... it's funny, isn't it, how this snow has made all our routines reduce down to the basics - the minimum to keep everyone (people & animals!) warm and fed. Something quite nice about that - good for the soul I think!

Hope you stay safe and warm!

Willow x

Bovey Belle said...

What lovely photos. Sussex had more snow on the breakfast-time news, so I guess you will get more too. You had a far heavier fall than us - ours was in two lots and the lower one got squished a bit I think - but still can't get out in our car . . . Keep warm and safe.