Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Last shot!

Just in case you're getting sick of the snow, here a last photo. I can't stop looking at the beautiful pictures and am wishing it would stay just a little longer. However, heavy rain is forecast for the next few days, which is soooo depressing. I'd take this lovely bright, cold weather over heavy, overcast skies any day.

So, a last final blast of a great snowball fight :)

And now for something different. At nearly 16, it's so good to know that Arnold still enjoys a good game of 'defend the stairs'.

Sorry this picture is blurry, but boy, he's quick! This game involves tearing a chunk out of your unsuspecting vicitim's head as they pass below you.

I do love this kitty. He's very grumpy and will shred a gentle hand without a moments notice, but is often purring as the blood flows! What can I say, we have funny animals that share our lives :)


Rowan said...

There have been some wonderful snow photos on various blogs, I love the snow when it is clean and fresh but have had enough of it now, it's got to the dirty, slushy stage with a layer of solid ice underneath it on the footpaths and a good downpour to shift it would be wonderful. Unfortunately that's not going to happen just yet up here:(

Cally's Cottage said...

Love the beautiful photographs-why does snow seem so magical even when we are adults?? And that Kitty is such a handsome chap!!
Warm Winter Wishes,
Cally x

Bovey Belle said...

I am fed up with it too, especially as we had more yesterday afternoon and again this morning, but it seems to be steadily thawing again now and the house isn't quite as arctic as it was.

Not too much rain please, we have a leak . . .

Yarrow said...

We had more again last night Rowan, but like BB's it's thawing steadily.

I don't want a lot of rain either, BB!

Thanks for visiting and leaving a message, Cally, and yes, it's felt very magical lately :)