Saturday, 9 January 2010

I don't want to.....

Go out, that is. The wind is fierce this morning and it's warm and cozy here beside the fire and inside my dressing gown!

The sun is showing just a golden ribbon behind the grey clouds wandering towards the village, trying not to look menacing, but coming closer all the same!

I shall make up a flask of boiling water, as the ponies so love their hot breakfast, and then climb into my many, many layers of clothes. I can barely do my coat up over it all, but it has kept me warm so far. I'm just not looking forward to it today, boo! I'll bribe myself to go with the promise of a big plate of bacon and eggs on my return :)

Stay warm everyone and take care. x


Tea with Willow said...

Ooh - bacon and eggs - we've just had some here at Willow's house!! One was a lovely double yolker laid by one of our girls a couple of days ago (I can't believe they're still laying!)

I'm sure your ponies appreciate all your efforts to take them a warm breakfast, bless 'em!

Willow x

Danielle Barlow said...

I don't blame you not wanting to go out. What is a fun novelty at first quickly becomes a chore!
Take good care of yourself out there on the ice.
Danielle x

ICQB said...

Oooh... your pictures leave me shivering - but evertying looks so beautiful with its white frosting.

And looking a few pictures back, Merlin looks quite comfy on a bed of snow eating his warm breakfast.

Whenever I have to walk the dog in weather like that (and it's his favorite) layers are the key - and I bribe myself, too, with the promise of a cup of coffee or hot chocolate upon our return.

Stay warm!! I'll think of you tromping out with to prepare warm breakfasts for the ponies when the dog and I go out for a walk later today - we got 6 more inches yesterday!

ruthie said...

I have been so enjoying your beautiful snowy photos, but i can understand why you dont want to go out! enough is enough i think. we have been lucky here so near the sea, the snow has not caused us any great hardship,just been magical, untill it has now gone slushy. My heart goes out to all those still with deep snow. Hope you all keep cosy x x

Yarrow said...

We had a lovely time in the end, and the breakfast was wonderful :)

I must say, we've coped pretty well so far, but now it's back to work, the trudging through the snow sure makes our legs hurt :)