Sunday, 31 January 2010

So much spam!

What a week I've had. I've had soooo much spam, it's been ridiculous. Obviously this blog has been flagged for some reason, but hopefully the new code verification thing will stop this, but I appologise to you all for activating it. I find it a bit fiddly sometimes, but I hope it won't put you off from commenting.

It's been a very tiring week here at the Retreat, and I've often felt overwhelmed, but have to make sure I take some time today to rest up and recharge my batteries. That's after all the washing, ironing and vacuuming is finished, hmmm, I'm wondering how that's going to work then!

I'm still managing to get a little art finished and have listed lots of things on Etsy, so that's been good, actually getting to grips with the business side of my art. I promise to be back with a more interesting post soon, but for now I need to sort out the animals and children as they all need mucking out :)

Edit: I'm nearly finished with all the work so may get a restful evening, happy in the knowledge that I'm on top of everything and then I can take it slower this week (maybe!).

I'm going to have an early night with my laptop and the next episode of Battlestar Galactica. It's ok, I've not lost my mind and it's not the old clunky series, but an amazing remake that I've been hooked on for the last two years.


Pixiedust said...

Hope you get some deserved rest and relaxation this weekend. ((((hugs)))) Pixie xxx

Gemma Mortlock said...

Hope u managed to recharge, sometimes a little me time does the trick and can ease all your anxiety and worries all in one.
Make sure you take some time out for yourself (even if its just a hot bath) i know its hard but it is definately worth it!
Big Hugs

Danielle Barlow said...

Hope you get a chance to recharge your batteries! I cherish Sunday teatime - pots of tea, drop-scones, fire lit, and a wonderful film with the kids. My chance to relax before the week begins again :)

Yarrow said...

Thank you for the kind words :) I'm slowly catching up and yes, taking some long hot baths is good and what I'm managing to do at the moment :)

Pat said...

Everyone is talking about being overwhelmed. Me too! With two Molys sitting on my work table I am feeling it too. Take it easy. This too will pass. Enjoy the now!!! But for now I am sending hugs.