Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Remeber this?

I think I started knitting this cardigan nearly two years ago, or maybe it was only 15 months, but it feels like forever! I finally finished it just before Christmas and spent Boxing Day sewing it up. I'd planned to wear it to a family get together tonight and tried it on with glee.

Well! What can I say? I look like a giant baggy sock!!! I must have sewed it up wrong, and the tension is different on the different panels so one side is slightly longer than the other. Hubby had a jolly good laugh, and I have to admit, it is slightly amusing. I will be wearing something else tonight and when I've recovered from my urge to throw it away, I'll re-sew the neck line which should pull it all together (should, I say hopefully)!

Maybe if I wash it in hot water it might tighten up a bit! Well, it can't get any worse and if it shrinks too much, then I'll give it to the Moomin :)


Roses and Lilacs said...

Oh no, all that work and not happy with the finished sweater. That would make me a little crabby. I've forgotten how to knit. Used to do a little but it's been years.

Your Christmas decorations are so pretty. Don't you hate to see the season end? I do, it seemed so short this year.

Renee said...

Sweet friend you are making me laugh.

Love Renee xoxo

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh jeepers. I am just beginning my very first sweater. No telling what I'm going to look like when it's done!

Yarrow said...

Marnie, it's a warm jumper, but I just won't go out in public in it ;)

Renee, I may post a picture, just for you :)

Pamela, don't be put off, I'm not the best knitter in the World, or even county, or village (hmm, village idiot maybe he he).

Pat said...

Oh no, I know just what you are going through. I see something really creative in your life because of this sweater. You always seem to make things work.
I just stopped by to say Happy New Year and to thank you for making my year brighter and filled with fun and wonder.

Yarrow said...

Thank you Pat, you are too kind :)

Yarrow said...

Oh dear, looks like I'll be adding comment moderation from now on!!!!

Where do these people come from?