Friday, 18 December 2009

Deep and crisp and even.


The lower half of the rabbit run was deep with snow and Charm wasn't too chuffed!

The drive to school was pretty hairy and hubby gave us a lift in his FWD truck as it was so scarey.

Merlin was in a weird mood and had been fighting with Toffee and seemed to want to take it up with us! He's meant to be tough, but seems to hate cold or wet weather!!!

Toffee's just happy to have extra hay and feed, bless him :)

Tonight we went to the village carol service around the pond, and stood in the snow wearing hats and thermals. You can just make out the daughter fourth on the right in the pink hat. We sang loudly and one of us, who shall be nameless, had trouble with the right key at the right time and I was helpless with giggles through Silent Night. Oh the irony!!!


Tea with Willow said...

Poor Merlin - he looks proper cross! Yes, we've had a heap of snow (on top of ice!) and I'm now so wishing I had a FWD vehicle, after skidding my car into a kerb really hard and buckling a wheel! Am really cross with myself for even attempting to travel!

Take care ... and hope Merlin cheers up!

Willow xx

Yarrow said...

It's sunny today, so I expect Merlin will be a bit happier and we'll be getting him a new rug as his old one is trashed.

Do take care in the snow, Willow and thanks for dropping by :)

a mermaids purse said...

i think u have such a delightful blog! i love snow too- im a big kid!! though we havent had a single sprinkle of the white stuff!! booooo!! hehe...but to cheer me up ive found your blog! ;0) thanks for your sweet comments x
** merry christmas**

Anonymous said...
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Julia Guthrie said...

Brrr look at that white stuff! :)
Mark is most upset that we seem to have been 'missed' by it! lol
It's darn cold tho...I've spent the last 2 days having a holiday under a blanket on the sofa watching movies & thinking of *nothing*. It's been bliss I can tell you! lol

Such a shame horses can't snuggle on the sofa with you like doggies can :)


Yarrow said...

Ha,ha Julia. I'm laughing so hard at the thought of Merlin in my house much less on my sofa! He's small enough to do it, but there would be injuries, I've no doubt, and no one else would be allowed on the sofa with him either :) I guess the salty sea air is keeping your snow at bay :(

Thank you for dropping by Mermaid friend :)