Sunday, 20 December 2009

Merlin's new cloak!

Well, rug actually, but it's the right colour and I'm very tempted to paint some twinkly stars on it!!!

He looks very handsome in it, and I think he's almost smiling :)

Like many children, though, Merlin has the habit of trying to look at himself on the camera, as I'm taking the pictures, so many of them are of his nostrils or sometimes just white hair!!!

Toffee always lights up when the Moomin visits him, as she is everything to him.

I had a couple of tears after taking these pictures, as it's like watching myself with Oliver when we were young and nothing else existed in the World other than us two.

and then as I was mucking out, I was visited by a very hungry robin, who hopped around my feet and came very close to my outstretched hand. My camera isn't great at close ups and this little fella was constantly on the move, so it's a bit blurry.

Last night, then, found me mixing robin food into some rendered fat from left over bacon rinds and some home made suet. It was mucky and I had trouble getting the fat out of the pots when it was dry, so if you decide to have a go yourself, use a container that can be hung out with the fat in. Coconut shells or little plastic desert pots would be fine.

Today we are finishing off the Christmas presents and decorations, so hopefully the next post will be filled with all yummy seasonal goodies.

Tomorrow is Yule, so we'll be having a special celebration and lighting the candles on our Yule log. Bright blessings to you all.

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Julia Guthrie said...

Oh I love that 3rd picture!! :) It just says "Friends" doesn't it?

And Merlin looks so handsome in his new coat! hehe