Thursday, 17 December 2009

Anyhoo, lets get back to Christmas!

Somehow I've managed to squeeze in a little painting for some Christmas cards and the best ones I'll use for future cards. I know I'm too late to sell any this year, but I'm planning for next year already! Hey, if I'm going to be controversial, might as well include Christmas too!

I've been making this doll for my daughter. The pattern was for a Raggedy Ann type doll, but there were a few things I really disliked, so I made my own shape legs and arms and have used felt for the face and limbs to give her a warmer feel. Her legs are brown because she was going to be an Autumn Faerie, but now I'm thinking of dressing her in blue and silver, so we'll see. I know I'm running out of time, but this often happens. I was sat up on Christmas Eve once, sewing gifts together!

So very unlike me, but I had to include this gorgeous Santa that we found in our garden center. He's actually wearing GREEN (this is for Leanne, who LOVES green Santa's) and I am coveting him with a passion. I say it's unlike me because I'm not normally so material, but for some reason I'm feeling a bit selfish and would love to own him, but at nearly £40. there's no way I could justify the cost. So lets just bask in his greenness for a moment :)

And moving on to - SNOW! This afternoon as I was driving, I watched great heavy clouds roll over the horizon and then what seemed to be a thick cloud of smoke flowing over the road ahead. As I drove into the cloud I realised it was snow and I could hardly see the road ahead. I got to the field as the cloud caught up with me and caused the ponies to dash about like school children in a snow frenzy.

Actually, unlike the children, they weren't best pleased and wanted their supper already, so stop taking pictures! I know this picture is a bit blurry, but you can see the force of the wind.

Toffee looks like he's taking all this weather a bit too personally.

When I got home I lit the fire and my candles for a cosy evening, supper is in the oven and I'm heading for the bath. Stay warm and safe everyone.


Bovey Belle said...

Noooooooo - can't have snow until next week as we have to go up to Sheffield to collect T! Then it can snow as much as itt likes!

Yarrow said...

Yup, fraid so!

Tea with Willow said...

Hi KIm - thanks for your comment on my Blog. It's so good to catch up with your new blog too - I didn't know where to find you!

We had that huge snow storm here yesterday too - just came from nowhere and then it was gone, and back to blue skies again ... strange!

Thanks for your words about Ebony ... not everyone understands, but I knew you would.

Willow xx

Yarrow said...

It does get easier, Willow, but not quickly :(

Leanne said...

he ius a rather fetching santa, kim, thank you for showing me!!

Leanne x