Wednesday, 4 August 2010

In and out of love - with my garden.

I used to be so in love with my garden that it was hard to imagine a time when I wouldn't be and yet the other day I took a long hard look and realised that I'd fallen out of love without even realising it! I guess life can be a little like that, things creep up or away from you and sometimes you hardly notice!

I think the change began with the arrival of the chickens many years ago. I fell so totally in love with them that I didn't mind what they got up to, how many bald patches they dug over or where they left their little 'bombs'. That was until recently, when I found I needed a retreat that I could get to in the silent hours before the rest of the world was up. Somewhere I could nurture my soul as well as my neglected plants.

The garden still has a long way to go yet, but I'm back to loving it and finding peace there and walking barefoot is such a pleasure now!

This is the front border that I've had an ongoing battle with. There is a particular plant that is so invasive that years after deciding to clear it out, I'm still swamped by it's cordlike roots and persistant regrowth! I'm afraid I've even used weedkiller, but it still survives. This Autumn I'm going to spray it again! This is just an example of how dried out everything has become, but some weedy little tomato plants (left over from all of my seeds germinating!) can have a go here and see how they do.

Finally some green beans have appeared, these are the Cherokee trail of tears from Danielle :)

Little Arnie cat in my favourite wild corner.

Here is my experiment corner, how much can you fit in to a small space? Well, the apples are doing well and I have more green beans growing in the tub. The pear and blueberries were a no-show, but under the hedge I have pink fir apples which are a small salad potato and they are well worth fitting in to any space :)

Another giant courgette, which is now the base for a scrummy ratatouille.

Finally some of my herbs, basil and coriander, which I use almost every day in the Summer and it's good to have my own fresh supply. These pots will come into the house in the Autumn and I'll keep them going all Winter if possible.

Finally, my Buddha in the front garden. So peaceful and calming, a reminder to me to stop once in a while and be mindful of the moment.


Bovey Belle said...

I have worked so hard on mine this summer too, and for once I am on top of all the chores and weeds out there. I have to say, (the voice of experience here) that gardening is SO much more rewarding WITHOUT chickens!! Mine used to have gigantic dustbaths under all the big plants and flatten all the smaller ones and it looked like a dust-bowl one summer, and then the Oky-Fenoky swamp when it rained!

I've just got rid of my first Courgette glut by making Courgette Chutney . . .

Cally's Cottage said...

I think your garden looks lovely!I have been much braver this year about trying things even though we have so little space and have been surprised by the amount of things that have thrived...especially the bumble bees- I did lots of planting for them and they have buzzed their approval...
Happy Gardening!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Pat said...

Hi, I loved your post today. I feel the same way about my garden and all the stuff that came from it. I got 3 pears this year. I haven't picked them yet. the apples are out of control and I have been grilling my squash all summer.