Monday, 23 August 2010

After the storm!

Eeek, it's been a tough old week. I cannot say how much hard work and effort went in to preparing the Exhibition set up. Juggling art and egos has been tricky and I'm desperately looking forward to a few days rest afterwards.

I need to fit in a mighty clear up around the outside of the house and at the field, as we had a real life 'Dorothy' style storm last night and it's left everything looking thoroughly shaken up! I'd also quite like to take a couple of days out to do some decorating inside, as the house is looking sorely neglected and hasn't been touched since shortly after we moved in many, many moons ago. Then I'm going to sell up and move to Wales, haha!

A couple of lovely days out with the children are on the cards plus an awful lot of knitting. More paintings are swirling around in my head, but these will be for me, for my wall :)


Julia Kelly said...

productive times can be exhausting-glad your have thnigs planned to refuel the fire!

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Just stopped by to visit your virtual home and say hi :) Even across the pond, we're having funny, unsettled weather which usually seems to be the case when the seasons transition. It's wonderful here at the moment, it's fall, at least for a couple days :) Take care...I'm heading over to your Etsy shop :)