Monday, 2 August 2010

Flying past.

The days are truly flying away at the moment. The children and I have made a list of holiday activities to make sure that we fill this Summer with lots of happy memories. Memories have become very important to me lately and making good ones to cherish deep in our hearts has become something of a priority. After my own health scare earlier in the year, and now going through difficult times with loved ones, I've come to believe that strength comes to us in so many different forms. Cherished moments are one of them as are kind words and deeds. I told someone special just last week, that I cannot walk their path for them, but I could hold their hand along the way.

Still, this isn't to be a maudlin post, so I've posted another picture of my funny hen, Tao, whose name conicidentally means the Way or Journey! She is so sweet and affectionate, as is my other black rock hen Tiger. Tiger will run as fast as she can and take off to get to me when she sees me walking through the long grass at the field. It makes me feel great that these funny birds look on me as their mama :)

We have planned a few days out for the holidays and I've just discovered that Jane Austen's house is only a 40 minute drive from us. Moomin is totally in love with the TV versions of Jane Austen's work and so we've decided to take a drive over and spend some time absorbing the atmosphere.

There will of course be the annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury plus a few trips to nearby beaches, I also would like to go to Dorset and visit Durdle Door, which featured at the beginning of Prince Caspian.

I love the holidays and hope to take lots of pictures to share with you all.


Eliza said...

Sounds like you've been having a rough time, enjoy the holidays.

Nan and =^..^= said...

Hi Kim,
Just catching up...sounds like you have some great holiday plans!
Lately I've been thinking fondly about my cherished childhood summer memories...have a wonderful time as you create them for your children and yourself.

Bovey Belle said...

Enjoy your days out. I still miss Dorset, but I find the side we used to live just SO busy these days. Durdle Door is lovely . . . Moomin will LOVE Jane Austen's house. Funny, I was only thinking of it the other day.

I will try and call you this week . . .

a mermaids purse said...

cherishing precious moments with family is so important- you are so right about that ;0)x
being together, enjoying each others company as a family is something i love more than anything else...we only get one 'fly by the seat of your pants' life- so we have to make the most of it.
i always felt guilty with my grandparents they lived near where i was studying in london when i was nearly in my early 20's...i should have gone over there more often- but i was so enjoying the uni life and london night life that i didnt see them as much. Then my nanny died suddenly- and i couldnt bring those days back!!
i always think about that...
i hope u have a wonderful time with your family on all the activities- cant wait to read about all the fun u had ;0)xxxx

Yarrow said...

Kazzy, you are so right, we must cherish our moments and memories.

BB, I'm glad you think Moomin will love it, you know her so well :)

Lovely to see you both, Nan and Eliza thank you for visiting :)