Tuesday, 6 April 2010


The gorgeous weather today had me fleeing to the Studio as soon as my other chores were finished. Children and ponies were fed, cats were sleeping and hubby was working. Sheesh! It was messy out there!

The after pictures though didn't look much better, so I've focused on a couple of close ups! A lovely, twisty branch that makes me feel happy and gives me lots of inspiration for trees.

My neat stacks of wood, ready to be sanded and painted. Each block takes an age to sand down to a smooth, satiny finish, but it's so worth it. Some of the beautiful patterns are too delicate to paint over, so I'll use the grain to enhance my pictures. I see lots of fairies and goblins dancing across these little blocks.


PG said...

ooh, I'm liking the look of those lovely wood blocks, painting on wood is one of the things I mean to get round to when I get my life back!

It's always good to tidy one's studio;they are, I think, I reflection of one's inner self and far better to work in if you are happy with your surroundings.

Yarrow said...

Hi there Gretel. I agree about a tidy studio. Mine has become a dumping ground over the Winter and I've felt quite displaced, crammed into the kitchen and any spare space I could get!!!