Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter.

Here's hoping that Easter weekend finds you all having fun, indulging in chocolate and watching cheesy movies. I had a lot of outside jobs to get done, but the weather hasn't been too kind, so I've been spring cleaning and loving it. It's great when things start to come together, and parts of the house have become a dumping ground for our various projects. Now I've got a little time to sort things out, hopefully things will be put away properly (are you listening children!).

I had a birthday recently and a couple of lovely gifts from hubby were this gorgeous spotted tea pot, which I totally adore, and the Florence and the Machine album. Moomin took her pocket money to school and bought me this fab book, and darling son bought me a hooooge box of maltesers (no picture as they are all gone!). I had a perfect day, but these lovely colours make me want to decorate the kitchen, so that's on the 'to do' list now!

I treated myself to a canvas board and some artists turps, which is meant to be better to use than normal turps. Now I don't know what to do with the board, as I don't want to waste it!

Some fabric seemed to follow me home too, along with a pattern and some lace! I need a long, lightweight skirt, but can't find anything I like, so I'll just have to make one, it looks fairly simple, but we'll see :)


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Happy belated birthday! Happy belated Easter! :)

Yarrow said...

Thank you Elizabeth, Happy Easter to you too :)