Friday, 13 November 2009

Tangerine Dream!

I've been dyeing clothes again! What I should have been doing this week was painting and paperwork, but as usual I let myself be distracted by the great wardrobe makeover! Soon I'll be the Queen of all procrastinators (almost there!).

In reality, this long sleeved t-shirt is a much more vibrant shade of tangerine and is perfectly wonderful. I only really want the sleeves, for another project, but the body will be used too as it's worked out so well.

This was my first attempt at revamping the wardrobe. It's a very old t-shirt and was actually my first ever attempt at tye dyeing. I took off the old raggedy and tight neck line and zig-zag stitched it, stretching the fabric tight to give it a frilly edge.

I bought this t-shirt already dyed, as it was only £2. but have only worn it once because I hated the neckline. I love it now and it looks great on me.

Here is the jumper I felted, complete with new covered buttons and flowers covering up the old button holes. The felted flowers are in a burnt orange and go so well with the soft green. The only trouble is, that I have to lose some weight to wear this, as it's shrunk a little too much. I may ebay it instead!

This has been my favourite jumper for about 10years, but frankly it was looking tired and dated.

New buttons and a funky trim should see it through another 10years (eek, I'm cheap!).

And finally, as promised from the last post, here is Toffee, revved up and dragging me out of the gate in his rush to be ridden. Oh no, it was the other way round! I'm not pulling him hard, just a gentle encouragement, but he can be sooooo stubborn!

Note: no saddle, I was just too darn lazy to put it on him and we both prefer it without in any case. It's not like he's going to run off and dump me!

On another note, I've succumbed to my son's horrible cold and an hour last night in the pouring rain supporting my daughter in her Hockey match did little to help. Her team won though, so I wouldn't have missed it for the world :)


Elizabeth M Rimmer said...

I am so impressed with all the creativity ( love the green cardigan). I never thought customising could turn out so well1

Yarrow said...

It's great fun too, Elizabeth, I can thoroughly recommend it :)

ruthie said...

I do what you have been doing with the jumpers. Hope you are feeling better soon *ruthie