Saturday, 14 November 2009


I suppose there is an advantage to being poorly, and it's that things get finished! I sat down with my sewing boxes, all three of them (!) and finished off these cute little hearts and then listed them in Etsy and one of them in Folksy. I'm not sure if I'll keep the Folksy shop going, as I can't tell if I'm getting any interest on there, although I like the fact that I don't have to convert the money to dollars, so we'll see how it goes in the coming months. I want to list more items and see if I can't crack this selling lark, especially with Christmas fast approaching!

They both work out around £5.00, give or take a few pennies in the USD conversion and can be scented with vanilla or cinnamon.


Julia Guthrie said...

Oh I love them! So pretty...I like the red one especially.

I found that I sold quite well on Etsy when I was around the forums to promote a lot, but I rarely have a chance to go there now so its just the odd sale.
I sell on MISI in the UK & have found it to be pretty good there even without doing too much promotion. I did try Folksy & quite frankly it was are the people who run it & I am loathe to give them any money by buying there either :(
But I do know a few people who have better sales there than MISI so it depends on which you prefer I guess.

Yarrow said...

Oh, thanks for the advice, Julia (again :) )

ruthie said...

beautiful! i too like the red one best, and very interesting info re: etsy etc, i have yet to open an etsy store, but dont have time to spend ages promoting in the forums etc, so may check out the misi too. Do hope you get better soon x ruthie