Wednesday, 18 November 2009


I know I said I'd show you this after next week, but I can't wait that long! After a perfect photo opportunity today, I thought it was time to unveil the new addition to our household.

She was supposed to be fae and delicate, but somewhere along the way turned into Gothmela! She has been simmering in the back of my mind for months and her head and shoulders have been in construction for a while, but I couldn't work out how to put her together until a few nights ago when all the pieces came together, literally!

She is part polymer clay with a felt body and bendable arms and legs.

She is only a prototype, and so is happily staying with me, in the kitchen, causing havoc whenever she can. I say happily, but she's kind of dark and moody, loving to watch Twilight and sighing heavily over Edward and planning evil ways to do away with Bella, as she is a far better match, if only she were a little bigger!

I blame Sting's new wonderful album, which was playing softly in the background for this dark turn in my work. The album isn't dark at all, it's a roaring fire on a stormy night, a hot glass of mulled wine after a walk in the snow and I've listened to it four times already today :) But I drifted off as I worked, and Gothmela was the product - EEK! What is lurking in my psyche today?


Pixiedust said...

Gothmela's great love her. She can't have edward though he's mine lol. I'm off to see Twilight - New moon on sunday and can't wait. xxx Pixie xxx

Pat said...

What a wonderful treasure of a pixie!! She's great. She could live at my house.

Yarrow said...

I'm hoping to go this weekend too, Pixie :)

Thank you Pat, she's a bit mischievous though!

Elise said...

wonderful ! thank you