Sunday, 11 October 2009

School hike.

Last week we went on a 7mile hike with my daughters school. It was fantastic and gave the class a chance to explore Geography at close hand. We followed the path of the river Meon from it's source as a young spring, to it's largest point in the Village of East Meon.

We started our journey at the top of Butser Hill, a mile or so from the school. In the distance is the village we are heading for.

The village really is a chocolate box with Tudor houses and thatched cottages dating back even further. Here the river is still quite small, but integral to the village life.

We climbed the hill behind the village church and looked down over the houses and farms.

The hill was really steep!

In the far distance (with the communications maston top) is Butser hill, where we started from. It looks much farther from this perspective. It was a lovely day and the weather was kind to us, as it rained most of the week, either side of our planned trip, in fact!

Our County sure is a pretty part of the World to live in, I just wish the developers would leave it alone. Another 500 houses are already pencilled in for our village - cheers Labour!!!

Edited to add: The art seems to have been a bit thin on the ground, but never fear, I've still been working hard, and today saw me labouring with a rotary sander and some wood, hmm, what have I been up to now??? More tomorrow......


Pixiedust said...

What a wonderfull walk, Hubby and I have been wanting to do the butser Hill walk for ages. I think when the pup can manage a long walk we will have to give it a go. Looking forward to see what you've been making. xxxx Pixie xxxxxx

Bovey Belle said...

What a lovely walk - wish I'd been there too. Bet you're glad it didn't RAIN!

Yarrow said...

It was a lovely walk and I'd highly recommend it, and yes, glad it didn't rain :)