Monday, 12 October 2009

Little bits of wood!

Sometimes my OH buys offcuts of wood for his hobby, which is making knife handles and walking sticks. Sometimes, I manage to bag a few bits of wood which may not be suitable for him, but are perfect for me.

I selected a few pieces of uniform shape and size and set to with my manic sander. At £12.00 from a DIY store, I couldn't expect too much, could I, but with earplugs firmly in place, it didn't matter too much how loud it was so long as it turned rough wood to smooth.

This lovely block will have a picture on most of it's faces, although sometimes the gentle wave of grain is a beauty all of it's own.

The blocks were painted white, so that the coloured paint would show true, although the center block will be used for something else as it's spalted, which is a random colouration caused by fungi. I'd like to just polish it and leave it natural, but I'll have to see. The round discs are cut from Hawthorn from our field and will be pendants.

This is how the first block turned out, and I really love it, although the photo doesn't do it justice.

My Moongazing Hare, from the old banner was painted on the next block, and I'm quite pleased with it. Now I just need to work out prices. These will be one offs, as the wood won't be available again, although I have four other similar blocks, but they are already earmarked as a Coyote, Crow, Unicorn and Lunar Moth.

I was thinking £10.00 each and they are about the size of a coaster or roughly 3.5inches square, what do you think, I'd be grateful for input?


Danielle Barlow said...

Lovely, especially your moongazing hare! My husband is a tree surgeon, and often brings home interesting and beautiful oddments of wood, but I never know what to do with them!

Gemma Mortlock said...

These are so lovely! i love the last one with the hare. I think £10 is perfect as you have taken time and effort in making them and painting them, you dont want to underprice, i love the way they can hang too.
Cant wait to see the others

Yarrow said...

Thank you for the kind comments :)

I've been making more today and it's becoming an obsession!!! I'll be looking out for more wood like this, but I only have two pieces left now, which is a shame as it's lovely to paint on.

Sian said...

Beautiful :o) I love moon gazing hares.