Friday, 2 October 2009

Where do the days go?

I've tried to write this post so many times now, but have either been interupted or too busy to think of anything to say. I've had my daughter home sick from school for most of the week with a conjested chest and a barking cough that sounds like a scabby dog. Poor little mite was really quite rough to start with, but as she got better began to drive me mad with her demands for hot drinks, cool drinks, soothing sweets, you name it she needed it.

I did take the time though to sit and knit her this scarf of such red gorgeousness, that now I want one for myself :)

Another side effect of having her home poorly has been all of the movies we've been watching. I made this little sketch during 'The Dragon Hunters' which is a little known movie of great entertainment. I love this character, although I can't remember her name (I've not watched it as many times as the children - yet!), but her funny little face amused me so much, that I needed to copy her. I'm sure she'll pop up in a painting at some time, I just need to find the right one.

After our weekends maintenance splurge, I didn't manage take any pictures of the finished rabbit hutch, as the rest of the garden looked so appalling, but when it's all finished, I'll get out there with the camera. Here are the rabbits supervising the work.

Aren't they just adorable?


Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

For me, that's the hardest thing to do; work with kids (of husband) home. I can't have interruptions while I work and try to get into a creative brain :) I love your scarf! Hopefully you use your talent for Christmas gifts! Love your sweet sketch and want to kiss the bunnies! Hope your daughter is up and running around :)
Stay well,

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I meant 'OR husband' :) typing too fast!

Yarrow said...

I guessed what you meant, Elizabeth :) It was so hard to work, that I started to feel ill myself, even though I wasn't!!!


Bovey Belle said...

Lovely scarf, especially that cheerful colour. Hope you-know-who is better soon, and I am glad to report after a day where I was pinned to the sofa under the weight of the stack of books and my knitting, feeling grim with a cold, I am now Muchly Better and functioning again.

Yarrow said...

Glad to hear it Jennie, have a hug :)