Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New blog, new start.

Well, this is it, a new start. I've closed the old blog for many reasons and will simply revive it at a later date to showcase my work. It's been great having it, but now it's time to change and move on, hence the retreat :)

I hope you will continue to join me here, as I will still be the same whimsical person, trying to save the World and have fun along the way :)


Sarah said...

Oh I am soooo relieved!!! Thanks for the email hon!!! Blessings, Sarah

Kim said...

Ooh, now I understand! I can't get to Merlin's blog though, since i did that through Oakmoon. Would you send me the link and let me in? I sure hope that bad things didn't happen on Oakmoon, though it sounds like it may have.... whatever was said or done, if it is negative, ignore it, it isn't worth the electrons it used. Glad to see you started on Merlin, having done that a few times, I have definately been there, done that! Isn't looking at the world from the ground up interesting?! He'll settle, I am sure. Hang in there (okay, pun intended!)

Yarrow said...

There's a link on this page, Kim, but I'll send you one too :)