Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Holy mo!

The whatsit has really hit the fan now, and I'm so worried about security that I've had to close Oakmoon. I've discovered that Google cache much of what we bloggers write, so that even though the blog is shut down, some of it can still be read. This does concern me and brings it all into focus. This isn't a private place to have a chat, the whole world can read it! Sheesh, I'm depressed now!


Danielle Barlow said...

What happened? Do email me if you want to! Hope everything is ok - take care, Danielle

Yarrow said...

Thank you Danielle :)

PG said...

Yes, I never write anything down that I might regret one day, the net is the least private place of all, I'd rather trust my real life diary! Glad you are still keeping a blog after all.

Karen said...

I also am wary of ever giving too much information, you just never know? I know you can set your blog private and have to accept followers or invite them. Maybe this might help you?
I'm glad you've kept a blog open.
Take care

Bovey Belle said...

Thanks for letting me in Kim. I recognize that picture at the top! Happy memories of our walk - and the Chiro has now put my hip back into place : )

I try not to give too much personal detail on my blog, but if you carry that to its zenith, you would say nothing!

Yarrow said...

That's true Jennie, and how boring would that be ;) Glad your hip is better.

I think you have the balance right, Karen, as your blog would be fine for anyone to read without losing it's charm.

Thanks for visiting Gretel and as always you are very welcome to visit. As for privacy, this has been a wakeup call!

I'm lucky to have certain visitors and so for that I'm grateful :)


Leanne said...

hi kim, a private blog is ok as far as it goes, but you are limited to just 100 viewers, which isnt very many on a worldwide reading scale!

i never give really personal details on my blog. i have never shown a photo of my house,or my road or my children, or wherre i work and what i do... for example

leanne x

Yarrow said...

I know, Leanne, I just need to be a littl more careful from now on. Thanks for dropping by :)


Kim said...

How sad that you need to worry about this stuff... I have always said I wouldn't put anything on the web I don't want the world to read, but it is such a wrench when something bad happens. I do know Yarn Harlot has had bad experiences, and can't understand anyone being nasty... if you don't like a blog, don't visit... seems a no brainer to me.