Saturday, 29 January 2011

Thank you.

I've noticed that despite my lack of posts, my number counter has still been turning regularly.

Thank you to you dear people who still pop in to see if I've anything to say. The words seem to have dried up and I want to have positive things to say when in fact I feel like curling into a ball.

However, I do feel a change coming and maybe have grown a little over the last weeks. I hope so and I have a few challenging projects to deal with which I'll share here with you.

I have some lovely furniture to restore and I'm enjoying a bit of armchair gardening, which is largely about planning the garden for the next few months.

The Studio is still ticking along, but work there will pick up pace so that I can attend the Spring and Summer Fairs to increase my business. I had been thinking of getting a campervan but the prices are just out of my league at the moment, so in the meantime, the car will ferry my work around and I'll have to make do with a tent, haha! It would be wonderful if I could hitch a Vardo to Toffee, but sadly I think he's a little small. It's a lovely image though and maybe I should add him to this sketch I made last year of a couple of traditional vardos :D


Abi said...

I am glad you are still around, but sorry to hear you want to curl up into a ball :O(
Hope your feelings improve, and the weather for that matter. My parents are fed up with the freezing weather in Felixstowe.

Take care

Bovey Belle said...

This is a new year - the Chinese Year of the Rabbit I believe, and Rabbits are not scary like Tigers (which was last year). So hopefully this will be a calmer and happier year.

Tammie Lee said...

your sketch is charming.
winter can be a curl in a ball time. i have experienced that this winter. wishing you days that feel wonderful to you.

Eliza said...

Know that curling into a ball feeling well! It'll get better (((hugs)))

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

Oh past 2 months of wanting to curl into a ball are not quite over. Major upheavals in my life, very strange and extreme. I hope you are coping well, lots of friends here :)
P.S. I love your sketch! Take care

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Gorgeous sketch and art..wonderful to visit here always..I love your enchanted realm!

Yarrow said...

Thank you dear and precious friends. I'm so touched by your lovely words :D

Kiki aka Victoria said...

Just stopping in to say hi..and Happy Spring..wishing you many sparkles